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GTA 6 Download for PC Release Date, GTA VI free and safe download. Grand Theft Auto VI latest version: Open-world action/adventure game. Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto: GTA 6 pc download is certainly a milestone in the gaming industry and a massage in the soul of the players who have been waiting for it for so long. Extremely fun and with an extraordinary open world, in which even the smallest details have been thought of, The franchise is certainly one of the ones with the most anticipated titles of all and Rockstar never disappoint, delivering us an adult and well polished campaign, in addition to the extensive online mode. Download gta 6 setup for pc highly compressed.


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Many of the expectations that precede each launch are about the city and its size, in this case, made even worse by the fact that it is Los Santos, the famous city of GTA San Andreas. However, in GTA VI, only loyalty to Los Angeles, the city in which it was inspired, would already be able to impress, but the game did not stop there, as Rockstar did everything to convince players that the city is really alive.

In GTA 6 Through the streets we find people of all kinds, and just a short walk to realize that people are talking about the most diverse subjects, and sometimes even find someone in need of help, which can earn you an extra mission. Traffic is also very convincing, with changes in the busiest hours and even pedestrians who complain if you stop on the lane. The number of vehicles on the streets is perfect and their variety is quite extensive. As usual, more upscale areas maintain a high level of luxury cars, while the more modest areas are full of older cars.

GTA 6 Download Setup For PC – Grand Theft Auto VI

Download GTA 6 For PC Free setup is available for download.

Just Click on the Download button to Download the GTA 6 / GTA VI

Choose the Location to save the GTA 6 Installer

Click on GTA 6 Installer to install the Game

After installing click on the game icon & enjoy Playing GTA 6

gta 6

GTA VI is a next generation game without actually being it. If more studios were able to take advantage of current consoles as Rockstar did with this game, there would still be a lot of life in this generation. But there it is, nobody can do it. No other production company is like Rockstar and no other series is like Grand Theft Auto.

How to install GTA 6 ?

There is nothing in GTA V that really tries to bother us.¬†The story has some detours along the way, which seriously slow the progression, but it ends up finding the right rhythm.¬†Grand Theft Auto V will be the most expensive game ever and it’s easy to see where a lot of the money was spent.¬†The campaign is formidably varied and is full of impressive little moments that other games would try to repeat until exhaustion.¬†And as we have already mentioned, it is huge.

  1. ¬†Click on¬†‚ÄúDownload Game‚ÄĚ
  2. Download the¬†installer¬†‚ÄúGTA VI‚ÄĚ.
  3. Open the GTA VI installer, click Next and choose where to install.
  4. We will download the full version of the game in the directory you specified.
  5. Open the game and have fun playing.

GTA 6 System Requirement GTA VI

Here are the GTA VI pc requirement:

Operating system: Windows 10.
Processor: Intel i5-6500 Processor / AMD R5 1600
Graphics card: GT 750 or above
SOUND CARD: 100% DirectX 12 compatible.
Free disk space: 95 GB.

Download GTA VI Game Free Grand Theft Auto VI

Download GTA VI For PC Free setup is available for download.

Just Click on the Download button to Download the GTA 6 / GTA VI

Choose the Location to save the GTA VI Installer

Click on GTA VI Installer to install the Game

After installing click on the game icon & enjoy Playing GTA VI


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GTA 6 release date?

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GTA 6 will be releasing on July 4th, 2022. Gamers suspected that GTA 6 would be released soon because Rockstar is hiring testers for new games. GTA VI to be announced in a similar fashion.

What city will GTA 6 be in?

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GTA 6 will be made up of previous Grand Theft Auto locations to create America. With all the information currently available, and the fact that GTA VI is rumored to only appear on next-gen consoles due to memory limitations, GTA 6 is made up of several past Grand Theft Auto locations. GTA VI will be international and that the game will start in the 1970s in Liberty City while playing at a low level.

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GTA 6 release date is set on 4th July, 2022, Rockstar internally planned for GTA VI to be released in late 2022. Rockstar's flagship game be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What year is GTA six coming out?

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GTA 6 will be coming out next year on July 4, 2022. The rumors revolving around the internet, GTA 6 is said to launch in July 2022.

Will there be a GTA 6?

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GTA 6 is definitely be going to release next year in July 2020. Previous Grand Theft Auto game was almost inconceivably massive and entertaining. No wonder we're so desperate for a GTA 6 release.

GTA 6 Maps Street City – Grand Theft Auto VI

Regarding the size of the map, in GTA 6 clearly things are bigger than in GTA V, but, still, the impression is that in the old game things were better used, because, although smaller, the interconnection that existed between the three cities created a new aspect with each new city, and now we have a lot of rural areas that are not well used. The cool thing is that at times it is even possible to recognize places that were part of old Los Santos, such as Groove Street, the initial area of ‚Äč‚ÄčSan Andreas and where the protagonist CJ lived.

gta 6 maps

GTA 6 Plot – Grand Theft Auto Rockstar Games

The plot begins with an unsuccessful robbery, in which Michael is caught by the feds and makes a winning plea, handing over his crime partners to get away with all the charges. Then he starts to live a good life, marries, has children and tries to run the business honestly. Everything is going well until his wife begins to have an affair with the tennis teacher, and then Michael loses track and chases him to a mansion, destroying her in a fit of jealousy. However, the mansion did not belong to the professor, but to the wife of a wealthy drug dealer, who commanded the crime in the region, who threatens to kill Michael and his family if he does not pay the loss. Pressed against the wall, Michael sees no other option but to return to the world of crime, because otherwise he would never be able to collect the money necessary to pay the dealer, returning to carry out scams as in the old days, in the company of his new partner Franklin.

The GTA 6 modus operandi of crime catches the eye of Trevor, one of his former partners who has lived in a shitty life in the middle of the desert since the theft failed a few years ago.¬†He begins to suspect that Michael is back and decides to hunt him down, and that’s where the bullshit is armed. The great detail is that both Michael, Trevor and Franklin are main playable characters, and this is precisely one of the biggest changes in GTA VI, since it makes it possible to tell the story from three different angles, with extremely different characters. Each of them has its own life story and objectives, as well as its own missions, in which everyone can be involved or not, and it is even possible to switch between them in the missions, giving the game great versatility. The implementation of the special abilities of the characters was also a very welcome addition, which creates particularities in the gameplay of each one.¬†Michael is an expert in weapons, which allows him to shoot in slow motion, Franklin is an excellent driver and can dodge any obstacle.¬†Trevor, on the other hand, is a psychopath with insane stamina, able to go into bloodthirsty mode and raze several enemies together. Something interesting is the possibility of playing from a first-person perspective.¬†In gta 6 some details have been redone, such as the interior of the cars, in order to offer a more consistent experience, but in my opinion, it changes the identity of the game a little, since we are used to the third-person GTA.¬†Anyway, it is good that they have created this functionality.

GTA 6 Missions and Storyline | GTA VI Mission

The GTA 6 missions follow the same pattern as the previous ones, including several main mission streams, interspersed with one or another mission outside the plot, which can be found in the most varied locations, even with the passers-by themselves. The variety of them is very large, but the most impressive are certainly the big hits.

This type of mission includes its own chain of secondaries that work as a preparation in which it is possible to hire cronies to help you, choose the approach and even the escape methods. There are some scams that are made even during the campaign, but others are exclusive to the online mode, being possible to execute them with real cronies.

GTA 6 is not a difficult game, and in virtually no mission you will need to repeat it. In case you fail for any reason, the automatic saves that will be done randomly in the middle of the missions, as implemented in the expansions of GTA IV, were still maintained, so that you will not need to redo the entire mission.

Another very welcome change is the change in the dynamics of vehicles, which in previous titles were almost disposable, since as they broke down very easily, you would not love any car, changing vehicles whenever you saw a better one on the street.

In GTA 6 the cars withstand much more damage, and a customization system has been added, not to mention that whenever you return home, your honestly purchased vehicles will be there, encouraging you to build equity. As it could not be otherwise, visually the game also runs very well, with the right to great textures and good lighting effects, climate changes and even NPCs with well-defined features and several character models. If you take a helicopter and climb to the highest point, everything that your view reaches really exists, and it will already be rendered, without that thing that is moving and seeing the horizon appear from nowhere.

GTA 6 Online Game Multiplayer Rewards and more – GTA VI

Gta 6 online mode is also great, and allows the player to freely explore the entire city. When creating a character, you must save money to buy your cars, clothes and houses, participating in a series of tasks previously created such as missions and races, or even carry out the activities proposed by the community itself, but the presence of hackers and the infamous. microtransactions can be a little annoying. Of course, the gta 6 game also has boring bugs that seem to show up every now and then. While I was playing, one of the most boring things that occurred to me was the bug that prevents the player from starting certain missions, showing the message that the time of day is inappropriate, even though it was not.

GTA 6 Online Multiplayer

After many attempts, I found that to be able to start missions with this error just get to the taxi location and the problem will be solved.¬†It’s the kind of annoying bug that gets in the way of gambling, but it was to be expected that in a game of this proportions it would come up with something like this.

GTA 6 download for PS Xbox PC

GTA 6 was Rockstar Games’ most ambitious game to date.¬†Creating a city the size of Los Santos together with three playable characters and an expanded online mode compared to the previous game shouldn’t have been an easy task on dated hardware like the PS3 and Xbox 360, but in the end this production company that has dominated games for years in the open world proved that his ambition was possible and gave us something so impressive that if we evaluate the game by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One standards, now that these versions are available, it remains the best reference of its kind in recent years.

The fact that we were able to play Grand Theft Auto 6 on a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is almost a miracle and in order for the game to work Rockstar had to make commitments, namely limiting the number of people and traffic in the city, reducing vegetation and objects on the horizon , and other technical limitations. With the announcement of the versions for the consoles that arrived on the market about a year ago, it was expected that these limitations would disappear completely. In terms of the density of people and traffic, the new versions are better, but not at the level of what was shown in the reveal trailer, where we see long lines of cars on the highways. In the rest Rockstar was able to comply: the vegetation is more dense and the views are more spectacular.

GTA 6 system requirement

With more detailed graphics and a push to 1080p resolution, Los Santos has never been more dazzling, fully justifying the existence of these versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you have never visited Los Angeles, the city on which Los Santos is based, this virtual version is the cheapest ticket to feel the atmosphere of the City of Angels. The fidelity and size of the city are impressive, but Rockstar also succeeds in capturing its personality. In the streets we find people of all kinds, the typical Californian with blue eyes and blond hair, in the neighborhoods far from the city center the gangsters, and near Vinewood the number of luxury cars increases dramatically.

GTA 6 Game Graphics Quality Improved

The improved graphics of GTA 6 are not the only novelty of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Rockstar decided to give fans another reason to buy the game again: a first-person mode, unheard of in GTA. To implement this new perspective, Rockstar had to create new animations and rework the interior of the cars. The result is satisfactory, but after spending some time playing in the first person, it is clear that the game was not done from scratch for this.

There are situations where the new perspective works best. One is driving. Driving fast cars in the first person is more satisfying and exciting, but the lack of peripheral vision on the right becomes a nuisance whenever we come across an intersection, requiring the camera to be rotated. In the use of weapons the feeling is mixed. On the one hand, it is more realistic to shoot in the first person and we can see the details of the weapons, however, aiming the weapon in the free mode remains torture and we are practically obliged to resort to the mode with partial or total assistance. Where I think the perspective works worse is walking, the camera shakes too much resulting in headaches.

First-person mode also allows for greater immersion in various situations, but cinematics still shift to the traditional perspective, removing that immersion. Overall, the mode is a welcome novelty and one that you can play with, but it clearly needs to be refined, if Rockstar has plans to include it in future games in the series.

GTA VI Introduction & Characters

Grand Theft Auto 6 pioneered the introduction of three playable characters, creating an interesting dynamic. Each character has their own missions, and in missions in which everyone is involved, it is sometimes possible to take different perspectives on what is happening. In this way, the game offers great diversity and never becomes boring.

Michael is a family man who is anything but conventional and who despite living doing nothing in a large mansion in Vinewood, is depressed and sees a psychological consultant every week. Franklin comes from the gangster neighborhoods but wants to abandon that life and climb the ladder of success in society. Trevor is the most unstable character of the three, an authentic lunatic who cannot control himself and who does not hesitate to take a life, however insignificant the reason for his irritation.


Somehow, In GTA 6 these three characters, who have nothing in common besides their desire to earn money, end up together.¬†It is an unlikely trio, each with very different personalities, but it works and allows different people to identify with one of them.¬†Some will like Michael for being the character that comes closest to “normal, others will prefer Franklin for being a gangster, and there will be those who like Trevor for being a crazy man on the loose who occasionally makes us laugh.

GTA 6 Robbery Mission – GTA VI

The most epic and memorable missions in GTA 6 are the Heists or assaults. Because? These missions require several preparation missions and let you choose the approach, including hiring the people who will help you. The more skilled these people are, the better the mission will go. If, on the other hand, they choose someone with less skills, the mission is likely to go wrong and make the objective difficult.

The rest of the GTA 6 missions follow the traditional Grand Theft Auto style. Sometimes it is enough to go from point A to point B, other times we are involved in exchanges of fire, and there are also escapes from the police. In addition to the main missions, in several places in Los Santos there are points marked with question marks, where there are brief encounters with strangers. Some of them are curious, others are strangers, sometimes we are indifferent.

With robberies, traditional missions and encounters with strangers, in addition to the three protagonists, Grand Theft Auto 6 is the most diverse game in the series so far, with the ability to please a wide range of players by taking on different tones. There is undoubtedly an evolution, but for those looking for the traditional Grand Theft Auto, it is still possible to run over pedestrians and resort to the services of a prostitute in order to steal your money in the end.

GTA 6 Online Mode Options

Like the rest of the game, Grand Theft Auto 6 online mode is ambitious. In the online world you can play with other players in free mode, that is, browsing without limits in the city, or in various types of missions, from racing, deathmatches, parachuting, cooperative missions and other types of activities. Again, diversity of tasks is the key word, especially given that players can create their own activities and share them with the community in editing mode.

GTA 6 Online mode also slightly takes on the shape of The Sims. With the money earned we can buy a house, car, clothes for our character, customize weapons and other things that serve to show other players and friends our social status wealth in the online world.

However, GTA 6 online mode suffers from long loading times, a problem that already existed in the PlayStation 3 version and that should have been eliminated in these new versions. Matchmaking could also work better. During my experience, there were several times when it was difficult or time consuming to find people to play some types of missions.

GTA VI – Is it worth returning to Los Santos?

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto 6, the question does not arise.¬†These PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are the best and the occasion couldn’t be better to get to know this open-world game from Rockstar.¬†For those who already know the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, there are enough improvements and news to justify a return.¬†Still, I remain convinced that there should be a discount on the purchase of new versions for those who have already purchased the GTA 6, similar to the upgrade program that emerged when these consoles were released.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is not perfect, but it is so advanced and so impressive that it is easily confused with a game developed from scratch for the new generation.¬†In terms of quality and production values, it is difficult to name a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game capable of rivaling it.¬†These new versions also serve to mitigate the long wait for the next Grand Theft Auto.¬†If Rockstar was able to create something like this for the old consoles, which is in contrast to the games launched during this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we can’t even imagine the grandeur of what comes next.

GTA 6 is a Masterpiece for Open world Gamers

In the long awaited sequence, the studio shows that the main asset of the franchise is to expose everything that is most rotten in society and present it in such a satirical way that it holds us from beginning to end. The cycle of sex, drugs and violence is an invitation for the player to immerse himself in this underworld and become attached to him, starting a strange and distorted vicious circle.

The secret of the series is to touch the wound. She opens up the problems that big cities try to hide and makes fun of these situations. Trafficking, corruption and torture are not exclusive to Los Santos, but something recurring in Los Angeles, New York, Rio de Janeiro and any other metropolis. The series is controversial because it is uncomfortable Рand because it does it so well, GTA 6 is great. The expectation was huge, but Rockstar managed to not only deliver what the fans expected but went beyond. GTA VI is as incredible as it is fun and it is practically impossible not to plunge headlong into this chaotic and twisted world that we have been waiting for a long time to search.

More than that, the studio reaches what seems to be the limit of the current generation and makes us think that, even with the large number of releases for the rest of this year, it will be difficult for them to be as grand and varied as this one. Rockstar has managed to push the quality level too high Рwhich can be challenging even for the foreseeable future.

GTA 6 is far from being a perfect game, but it masterfully compensates for its flaws and makes any problem overlooked in the face of everything else. Failures will exist, but just like the essence of the series, the secret is knowing how to present the error and, above all, knowing how to laugh at it. It is to open up the wrong.

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