Best Gaming Headphones for pc

Gaming Headphones Sound in computer and video games has long become one of the main components of the process, no less important than graphics or control, and headphones with a microphone are an instrument no less important than the gaming platform itself, a high-quality monitor / TV, convenient controllers or a fast Internet connection.

Best Gaming Headphones for pc gamers

A full-fledged speaker system is, of course, cool, but not always an affordable option. And high-quality headphones will allow you to immerse yourself in virtual worlds anytime / anywhere. We have already written about what to look for when choosing a gaming headset (headphones with a microphone).

ASUS Cerberus V2 Gaming Headphones

Cheap and cheerful – An improved version of the budget headset from ASUS Gaming Headphones has a solid stainless steel headband. The new design makes it not only 70% stronger than the original Cerberus headset, but also 60% lighter and 50% thinner. The Cerberus V2 ear cushions have been enlarged by 30% for a 50% improvement in sound insulation. In other words, the Cerberus V2 is even more comfortable for both long gaming sessions and everyday use, such as listening to music on the go.

Razer Kraken X / X Lite Gaming Headphones

Next, we have a lightweight and updated reincarnation of the popular Kraken model of Gaming Headphones. The Razer Kraken X / X Lite is an ultra-lightweight headphone with mic and 7.1 virtual surround sound. The X version Gaming Headphones weighs 250g and has a volume wheel and a quick mute button on the ear cup. The X Lite does not have these controls and the Gaming Headphones weigh 20 g less, otherwise both models are identical.

Razer Kraken X / X Lite Gaming Headphones

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Better than the Kraken, only another Kraken, the 8th line is occupied by the┬ápro version of the┬áheadset.┬áThere is more dynamics, a more durable aluminum construction, and the ear cushions are filled with cooling gel material.┬áPlus, it’s the first THX Spatial Audio Gaming Headphones.

Sennheiser G4ME ZERO / ONE

This Gaming Headphones was developed as a comfortable and high-quality solution for professional e-sportsmen.┬áA closed model with a folding structure and a carrying case included in the kit – G4ME ZERO – stands out for its excellent sound insulation, comfort and sound quality.┬áThe G4ME ONE is a version with an open acoustic design.┬áThe Gaming Headphones microphone is automatically turned off when the boom is raised.┬áModels are available in white or black.

Sennheiser GSP 370

The first wireless Gaming Headphones model in the ranking is a novelty from Sennheiser with a record-breaking battery life of up to 100 hours on a single charge! In fact, this is a wireless version of the well-proven Sennheiser GSP 350 with the same comfort and quality sound (including Dolby 7.1).

Beyerdynamic Custom Game

The main feature of the Beyerdynamic Custom family of headphones is the ability to adjust the amount of low frequencies using 4-position switches on the earcups – if you want, choose an even “monitor” sound, or if you want – turn on a serious bass boost, so that everything explodes and rattles spectacularly. Separately, we emphasize that the adjustment is not digital, but analog (the diameter of the phase inverters changes). The cable with the microphone is detachable; if you wish, you can purchase an additional cable without a microphone and use the Custom Game like regular headphones. And at Beyerdynamic Custom, you can customize the sockets on the cups, several interchangeable ones are already included in the kit. In addition, do not forget about manual assembly in Germany and the ability to repair / replace all parts, Beyerdynamic products are bought once and  oh-oh-very for a long time.


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Audio-technica ATH-ADG1X / ATH-AG1X

This pair of “Audio Technics” models is a real high-end game from Japan with huge 53mm drivers. These are headsets for audiophile gamers who don’t agree to compromise on audio. The original automatic headband with patented 3D Wing design and soft ear cushions provide comfort to match the sound. It is believed that the open Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X provides such a natural and wide soundstage that it helps in FPS better than any – virtual or not – 7.1 solutions. If you need a closed version of the headphones – try the ATH-AG1X .

HyperX Cloud Orbit S

HyperX Cloud Orbit is a rather original model, which uses planar magnetic radiators from Audeze and 3D audio technology from Waves Nx. Hear sounds with stunning clarity and incredible fidelity thanks to the ultra-fast frequency response and distortion resistance of 100mm planar magnetic drivers. Waves Nx’s head tracking technology creates a three-dimensional sound space with realistic sound localization and positioning. The headset comes with three detachable cable options that allow you to deliver 3D audio to any platform or device.

Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless

Sennheiser’s flagship wireless model does not boast a record-breaking battery, but it can work both via a USB dongle and via Bluetooth (with mobile devices). The headset can also be used while charging, and quick charge allows you to use the headset for another 2 hours after charging for 7 minutes . What sets this model apart from others in the GSP line? All-metal swivel system for attaching the ear cups to the headband and a mechanism for adjusting the contact pressure of the headband! Maximum comfort and sound from Sennheiser.

Audeze Mobius

Do you recognize? Yes, the HyperX Cloud Orbit S was built around these headphones. The Audeze Mobius is perhaps the most original and sophisticated device on the market at the moment. Firstly , this is not just another headset with speakers, the Mobius, like all Odizi headphones, uses isodynamic sound emitters (also known as magnesian planars). This alone would have been enough to include Mobius in our rating. But that’s just the start of the fun: Mobius uses the unique Waves NX technology (Waves is well known to musicians and sound engineers), which provides anatomical calibration and 3D audio construction .with real-time head tracking. 

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