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GTA 6 Script Dine in comfort

GTA 6 Dine in comfort

Cigarettes, beer, and snacks in the latest Grand Theft Auto game can only be bought in supermarkets, although they can be found on almost every corner. In single-player mode, the gamer can visit a small number of shops and restaurants. Most fast food restaurants, eateries and gas stations are closed to entry. The Working Restaurants mod fixes this flaw. You can have a bite to eat in various places in the city. A few dollars will improve your health.

GTA 6 Script Explore buildings

GTA VI Script Explore buildings

In many missions, the main characters Franklin, Trevor and Michael are allowed to enter some buildings to explore the city from the inside. But in normal Freeride mode, buildings are closed for entry, you can visit them only when you repeat the desired mission. The “Open All Interiors” mod fixes the situation, you can enter buildings. Also, some houses and places from the online mode were added – for example, the same yacht.

GTA 6 Script Speedometer

You can get around the city by different types of transport. But usually the speed can only be changed by moving objects and buildings. The “Speedometer” mod comes to the rescue. It displays the maximum speed, distance travelled and current speed. The mod works not only in cars, but also in airplanes, boats and even on a bicycle – be quick to pedal!

gta 6 script

GTA 6 Script Less fuel in the tank

While there are many gas stations in the world of Grand Theft Auto 6, they are not often needed. The fact is that there is practically no need to refuel a car in Los Santos and the suburbs – all cars have an endless gas tank, the same goes for the battery. The “Fuel Script V” script adds realism to the game. As in Mafia II, the tank runs out of gas and needs to be refuelled regularly. The remaining gasoline or diesel fuel in the tank displays a new indicator directly above the map. If the arrow deviates too much to the left, or rather, the indicator turns red, you should find the nearest gas station as soon as possible – fortunately, they are displayed in the navigation system. If you do not fill the tank in time, the fuel will run out and the car will stop. If you have a canister at hand, then you can drive a few more kilometres. Depending on the machine and consumption.

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GTA 6 Script Ready to fly

GTA VI Ready to fly

There is no private chauffeur in Grand Theft Auto 6 (at least not officially). The most you can count on is to catch a taxi so that the driver will take you to the right place for such hard earned money. Fortunately, there is a way out – the “Los Santos Airlines” mod. At the airport, you can get a ticket from the machine, which entitles you to travel by helicopter or small plane. After boarding, you take off with other passengers. Of course, the team will read all the familiar safety instructions.

GTA 6 Script Driver Mods

GTA VI Driver Mods

Thanks to the GTA 6 Script manager, cars were the first to be affected by significant improvements. Transport is endowed with new opportunities. So, if desired, the driver can open the hood and trunk, turn on the lights inside the cabin, the cruise control system, turn signals and emergency lights. Real perfectionists will get pleasure from such a mod, because now you can adhere to traffic rules, drive by signs, and even park your car in the wrong place, but with the emergency lights on. Squeaks allow you to go even further. For example, it is possible to refuel a car at a gas station or in the middle of the road from a canister. Such a refuelling looks very conditional, but it is one of the elements that allows you to get as close as possible to the cherished realism.

For the most real drivers, there is a mod that replaces an automatic transmission with a mechanical one. In this case, to switch, it is imperative to squeeze the clutch. There is also a script that changes the attitude of the police towards racers on the road. For them, the parameters of the shooting accuracy were rewritten, as well as the maximum speed during the pursuit. In this case, it will be very difficult to escape with impunity from the guards.

GTA 6 Script Professional fashion

GTA 6 Professional fashion

Many players initially complained about the decrease in the number of side quests that were associated with different types of social professions. In the original version of GTA 6 Online, there was only the ability to “tax”, while earning ridiculous money. And the complexity of such missions was at a very low level. Now the list of available professions has expanded significantly. For example, you can dress up in a police uniform and start patrolling certain areas. The functionality is rather limited, but it still allows you to feel yourself in the body of a real law enforcement officer. So, the player can stop expensive cars, search, fine violators, and in case of aggressive actions of the drivers, use force and call for reinforcements.

GTA 6 Script Knight Rider: KITT

GTA VI Knight Rider: KITT

Anyone here who remembers the great TV series Knight Rider, starring David Hassel of? Despite the fact that the series is already very old, many still dream of the protagonist’s car called KITT. And it is not surprising, because this is not just a car: it is equipped with artificial intelligence, autopilot, turbo mode and many other interesting features. This mod adds the legendary KITT to the game, which will fully function! Now you have the opportunity to feel yourself in the place of the main character Michael Knight.

GTA 6 Script Benny’s Motorworks SP

Salon Benny’s Original Motor works, which offers players its services for customizing the car, unfortunately, is only present in GTA Online. And therefore, players do not have the opportunity to pump their favourites in single player mode. And this is a big loss, because Benny’s tuning is really very detailed and it is not possible to improve the car in Los Santos Customs. But this script corrects this misunderstanding and adds Benny’s salon to the story mode. If you need help levelling your car, you can check out Tuning Vehicles in Benny’s Original Motor works in GTA 6 Online. If you want to upgrade cars that are only available online, then you will need a modification Mp special races in SP.

GTA 6 Script Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership

GTA 6 Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership

Too lazy to mess around with virtual vehicle buying sites? Now they can be bought at Simon’s car dealership. Moreover, you can buy almost any car or motorcycle, only trucks are not available for purchase. When buying, you can carefully examine the selected car, open / close doors, hood and trunk, choose a colour, install upgrades and carry out test drives. You just have to stock up on money. This mod also requires the above-described Mp special races in SP.

GTA 6 Script Drug trafficking

GTA VI Drug trafficking

Portable GTA: Chinatown Wars was interesting with unusual ideas that were not found in other parts of the series. One of the curious and original mechanics was the drug trade: dealers were scattered around the city who bought and sold different goods at certain prices. If you followed all the price changes, you could buy drugs in one place at a low price and sell in another at a high price. This mod adds a similar mechanic to GTA 6. Quite an interesting way to make money in GTA 6, which will never be superfluous. The mod is made neatly and of a fairly high quality.

GTA 6 Script Gang war

GTA 6 Script Gang war

Do you want to arrange gangster showdowns in the game? With this mod you will have such an opportunity. However, he not only adds an additional task to the game that allows you to take part in the faction war, but also gives you the opportunity to customise the future session yourself: set the time, the participating gangs, the mode, the weather, and so on. After the end of the battle, you will be shown the statistics of the battle and will be given a reward in case of victory. The mod is well designed.

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