Hp Gaming Laptop Review, price, specs

HP Omen 17 Gaming Laptop

The Omen series of Hp Gaming notebooks from HP includes more than 80 models in various configurations. Laptops in this series are designed specifically for Hp Gaming gamers and are aimed at providing maximum comfort in any modern games, and the ability to choose from dozens of different configurations will allow you to choose a specific model to suit your requirements and budget. At the same time, Omen Hp Gaming laptops cannot be classified as compact models, since the manufacturer preferred performance and efficient cooling in them, rather than mobility, which, in our opinion, is the only correct approach for a productive gaming laptop.

Hp Gaming Laptops

At the top of the series is the Omen 17-CB0000 (including the Omen 17-CB0006UR (6WL60EA) modification) of the 2019 model line with the Hp Gaming fastest graphics card, 32 gigabytes of RAM and a six-core Intel Core i7. In addition, the laptop is equipped with a bright and fast 17.3-inch display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. In general, all the best for gamers. Interestingly, HP itself calls this model not just a laptop, but a personal computer in a laptop case, focusing the attention of users on an unprecedented high level of performance for such devices. Let’s get to know him better.

HP Pavillion gaming laptop

Now each Hp Gaming laptop manufacturer has its own line of relatively affordable gaming models, in which everyone can choose an interesting configuration for themselves without unnecessary overpayments. In the HP lineup, such a role is assigned to Pavillion Gaming. In the 2018 edition, these laptops received eighth generation Intel processors, AMD and NVIDIA graphics, as well as a variety of RAM and permanent memory options.

HP Pavillion gaming laptop


Despite being positioned as a Hp Gaming laptop, its box is exactly the same as that of almost all HP models – simple, transportable. Inside, in addition to the laptop and documentation, a power supply unit with a power of 150 W is supplied. But what surprised me more was its size. The charger is similar in size to an external battery and would be more suitable for a more compact laptop. True, it still consists of two wires. But at least it does not resemble a brick in size and weight.


Hp Gaming Pavillion Gaming 15 does not try to hide its gaming essence. To accentuate the directionality, there are green accents, the same shade of keyboard backlighting and an angular chassis. But I like the way the laptop looks – discreet, but playfully stylish. The essence of the game is given not only by green legs, but also by large grilles for the release of hot air, reminiscent of either the headlights of a sports car, or the afterburners of a fighter.

Keyboard and touchpad

The Pavillion Hp Gaming 15 features a full keyboard with number pad. Fortunately, the latter is not compressed, as is often the case in 15-inch models. The keys are pleasant to the touch and a little rough. Their course is short, but well perceptible. The keyboard turned out to be not only pleasant to play, but also to type. To achieve the ideal, only the notch in the keys is missing, since they are completely flat. As I already said, the keys are backlit, in our version the backlighting is green, and there are also options with blue or white to choose from.

HP Pavilion Gaming 16

The positioning of the Hp Gaming is the simplest. The HP Pavilion Gaming is an affordable gaming laptop. That is, HP tried to make it as affordable as possible (for example, a completely plastic case and a simple design), but at the same time a productive solution (but an RTX 2060 card and a 10th generation processor). In theory, a laptop should be a hot product. I can assume that HP Pavilion Gaming has made a counterpoint to the G-series of gaming laptops from Dell. And those and those laptops cannot be called elegant and designer, but the price is so tempting that it allows you to close your eyes to the minuses.



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Recently, manufacturers have finally realized that their main customers are not pubertal acne boys and girls (what do you want, women also love games!), moaning: “Buy! Buy it! ”- and wealthy adults. For this reason, the design of gaming laptops has turned 180 degrees, becoming more serious and concise. Nowadays with a gaming laptop, you can come to the office, and no one will care, it has such a characteristic and leaden project.

In the case of the HP Pavilion Gaming 16, the designers made a compromise. It’s plastic, plump, and has a green keyboard. Moreover, the poisonous green color is visible even when the backlight is turned off, since the ends of the keys are painted green.

Screen and webcam

HP takes achieved to strike a great balance with the HP Pavilion Gaming 16. For the money, the laptop has a great screen. Decent hue translation, excellent anti-reflective covering, good viewing angles.

By default, the screen is set to 125% magnification. Due to the fact that this is absolutely not striking, I could not understand why one of the dashboards configured for Full HD resolution is displayed crookedly. So be aware.

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