Xbox Games Listed 2021

Microsoft presents this May 21 its new console, the third to be released after Xbox and Xbox 360. What began as an adventure that seemed reckless – trying to sneak into the Japanese party of companies like Sony and Nintendo – has ended as a consolidated brand and essential to understand the last years of the industry? Now that the Redmond company is ready to present its new project, we look back and dedicate ourselves to reviewing the 100 best games that appeared on Xbox, in no order (we insist: the numbers do not represent order of preference). The one that paved the way for Infinity to follow from the next generation of consoles. “There is a change, something big is happening,” said Alex Ward of Criterion about the unprecedented fact that hardware would be made from outside Japan to compete from the West.

Microsoft’s history in the video game industry has curdled. 24 million in its first console but managing to compete in sales with Nintendo and a second, Xbox 360, which is close to eighty million. Achieving among many achievements to compete face to face with a Sony that seemed unattainable more than a decade ago and winning the game in areas such as the great third party games, which were appearing on Xbox and alliances have been consolidated in 360. But Xbox does not only this has lived. It has also brought new and relevant intellectual properties to the market, a clear commitment to obsessive and forceful online from the first platform, and authority blows on the table such as the purchase of Rare or that ambitious project ofBungie that Steve Jobs announced as a novelty also at Apple and that has ended up being exclusive on Bill Gates’s console.

Xbox Games Listed 2021

Halo: Combat Evolved

Talking about Halo is talking about Xbox history. You can’t understand the Microsoft console without the Bungie game and vice versa. It was the launch title of the platform and the first big exclusive. A success that gave the necessary push to an unknown console that wanted to compete against giants like Sony or Nintendo.

Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden Black

Xbox will be remembered for some of the best games that have appeared in the modern era of the video game industry. And one of them is Ninja Gaiden Black, the king of hack and slash who for many has not yet been surpassed. The full edition of Ninja Gaiden, the original title that appeared on Microsoft’s console a year earlier. Black was a fast, dynamic, demanding action game and above all an incomparable technical marvel.

Project Gotham Racing

Xbox was heir to many projects that had been related to Sega and its platforms, such as Dreamcast. A third way for the video game industry with a strong commitment to a very specific type of genre. Among them was driving, and one of the heirs that came to Microsoft’s console was Project Gotham Racing. In full fever for the launch of Gran Turismo 3, the Redmond Company bet on the Bizarre Creations franchise, a title that allowed to race at full speed through four cities such as New York, Tokyo, London and San Francisco on 200 circuits and with thirty selectable vehicles.

Conker: Live and Reloaded

One of Microsoft’s knockouts was acquiring Rare as a proprietary company. The strongest ally Nintendo had, creator of some of the most brilliant titles of the past generation (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie) changed sides. And he took with it the occasional flashy character, like Conker. The controversial squirrel that starred in some of the biggest controversies that are remembered from Nintendo 64 was reborn again, this time in the form of a remake with Live and Reloaded.

Jet Set Radio Future

another of the “Sega” names that Xbox inherited over time was Jet Set Radio Future, the second installment of the Smilebit series that premiered on this console with a charismatic cel-shading graphic style and devilish gameplay that mixed like no other. Themes as diverse as the arcade game, painted on the walls and manga, had been seen before. A video game much loved by Xbox users since, in addition to maintaining the foundations of the game that appeared on Dreamcast, it exploited the possibilities of that title to the maximum.


Sid Meiers’ Pirates

Now that pirates seem to be back in fashion, it is good to remember one of the most particular titles that appeared in the Xbox catalog: Sid Meier’s Pirates! A PC game that was transferred to the console in a more than correct way and in which the main objective was to recover the romanticism of the classic pirates: rum, boardings , treasures, travel. What we have always imagined a Caribbean pirate was doing.

Kingdom under Fire: Crusaders

One of the most loved franchises by Xbox users is Kingdom under Fire, which garnered a great reception at the time. Thinking of a real-time strategy game for consoles might have seemed like a pipe dream a few years ago, but the developers of the Kingdom Under Fire series realized that to be successful on the desktop, you couldn’t just copy the formula from the PC, but do something. Specific to the platform on which it came out.

Capcom vs SNK 2: EO

Still today many players hope that in the near future Capcom will decide to recover the crossover with SNK, considered by much of the community as the best possible meeting of characters. Capcom vs SNK 2 has a good fault for it, since it was a title that put the best Capcom characters on the same stageand the best of SNK, the two giants of two-dimensional fighting in the nineties.

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