Gta 6 upcoming game review, release date 2023

While designer Rockstar Games hasn’t formally declared GTA 6, it seems like something of an outcome. All things considered, GTA 5 and it’s related online multiplayer part, GTA Online, keep on being perhaps the most-messed around ever. Additionally, the pair likewise end up being a standout amongst other selling games, time. On the off chance […]

GTA 6: everything you need to know

GTA 6 It seems like just yesterday that Rockstar Games was delivering it’s widely praised Red Dead Redemption 2, allowing us to free into a gigantic boondocks universe of crooks and shoot-outs. It certainly can’t have been that long in advance when it set free the madly fruitful Grand Theft Auto 5, can it? All […]

GTA 6: Rockstar’s next crime adventure

GTA 6 There are times when I take a gander at Los Santos and figure ‘for what reason would you even think to fabricate that?’ This is, properly, an idea that I frequently have about Los Angeles. In GTA 6’s case, the tone is unique: bewildered wonderment rather than perplexed despair. Rockstar has made one […]