Everything we know about GTA VI Rockstar Games

GTA VI Rockstar Games is not going to stay with GTA V to live on income knowing the potential that the most mediatic sandbox in the history of video games has. The development of GTA VI (provisional name for now) is an open secret, but the pieces remain to fit until it becomes reality with

GTA 6 setting could be hidden in the latest GTA 5

A very insightful hobbyist spotted an interesting detail about theĀ future setting of GTA 6 in the latest GTA 5 update trailer. Originally released in 2013, GTA 5 has received several reissues since then, and the update for current consoles is expected. Generation, despite the multiple criticism it has received, arrives in March 2022. The GTA

Gta 6 upcoming game review, release date 2021

While designer Rockstar Games hasn’t formally declared GTA 6, it seems like something of an outcome. All things considered, GTA 5 and its related online multiplayer part, GTA Online, keep on being perhaps the most-messed around ever. Additionally, the pair likewise end up being a standout amongst other selling games, time. On the off chance

Remnant from the Ashes Review For Pc 2021

Remnant From The Ashes requests a great deal from you while giving next to no as a tradeoff. Its phenomenal battle and high-stakes, randomized movement framework gives it snapshots of unadulterated merry energy, particularly in center. However, its successive trouble spikes and disappointing stuff framework deny it of the reliably “intense yet reasonable” feeling that

Playstation 5 versus Xbox

The Playstation5 and Xbox Series X are presently a half year old, and as you’re likely effectively mindful, they’re both unfathomably famous with purchasers. Stock proceeds to hard to track down, so on the off chance that you’ve figured out how to catch one, view yourself as fortunate. Yet, consider the possibility that you can’t

Xbox Games Listed 2021

Microsoft presents this May 21 its new console, the third to be released after Xbox and Xbox 360. What began as an adventure that seemed reckless – trying to sneak into the Japanese party of companies like Sony and Nintendo – has ended as a consolidated brand and essential to understand the last years of

PlayStation 5 versus PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 5 is at last here ā€” and despite the fact that it may not be the world’s quickest comfort, it’s a critical update over the PlayStation 4. With a totally different engineering, prevalent goal support, and quicker stockpiling because of the SSD, the PS5 comfort is superior to the PS4 in pretty

Playstation Best Upcoming Games

(Pocket-lint) – Sony’s PlayStation 5 is finally here. While there are already some great games to enjoy at launch, there will be more in the coming months.Best PlayStation 5 Games: Amazing PS5 Titles to Choose FromWe’ve rounded up the top contenders, right here for you, from confirmed releases to games we’re sure are in the


FAR CRY 6, the profoundly expected next portion in Ubisoft’s Far Cry arrangement, is being developed and we’re hoping to see it on consoles and PC in a little while this year. In a genuine takeoff from the setting of Far Cry 5, Far Cry 6 will take us to a “tropical heaven frozen on

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition review

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition is one of those games that makes me stress there’s such an incredible concept as “excessively realistic”. A ton of the cooler stuff that happens to hero Artyom ā€“ like barely enduring a tumble to his demise or nearly being eaten alive by an enormous transformed fish ā€“ occurs in